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Step 1: Stare at the centre dot for 30 seconds.

imageStep 2: Look at any of these 5 pictures.






Step 3: Enjoy!

What is this sorcery 


More Pokemon scents for the candles are available!

Squirtle: Rain water and fresh linen,
Eevee: Sugar cookie with faintly smelling cinnamon bun and a sweet mint
Jolteon: Lemon grass and Orange creamcicle, very energizing!
Espeon: Lavendar, Lemon Verbena with a touch of coconut
Umbreon: Dragon’s Breath (a musky scent) with chocolate
Sceptile: Cucumber Melon with Mango and slight undertones of Patchouli and Sandalwood
Cherrim: Lavender Vanilla and Plumeria topped off with Black Raspberry
Leafeon: Patchouli and lemon grass with a hint of spearmint
Cincinno: Hazelnut and chocolate cinnamon, very sweet 

I also take requests. Feel free to request a Pokemon and I’ll see what I can think of! (Some Pokemon like Poison and Steel types I have little to no idea, but we’ll see what we can do!) 
If you’re interested in a candle, my shop is here; feel free to send any questions or suggestions to my store or here on tumblr!


THE RANDOM DRAWING IDEA GENERATOR 3.0! Now with less than a one in five thousand chance to get Batman Being Batman!

This time around, it’s got it’s own little mini site where you can click and get your results! It should be even easier now to mulligan until you get a result that actually makes you NEED to draw it. And when you do draw it, please remember to share you creation with the tag #randraw. I’d love to see it!

All thanks go to Alexander Lozada for putting the code together. It’s been really swell working it out. And you should go check out their other projects, including the awesome Creativity Cards you might’ve seen going around.

This is the best, but certainly not the last you’ll see of the Random Drawing Generator. There are over 5000 possible results, and many prompts are infinite by design. But there’s still room to grow. As always, I’ll be polling for ideas on what else to include. So, guys, what’ve you got?


i recently watched the great gatsby and loved it! carey mulligan as daisy buchanan. photoshop.

Regalini avanzati da capodanno…che bello tornare in Calabria

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Long time no see? (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I haven’t drawn at all lately;; Anywho, I’ve been wanting to draw these three since the end of 3A.

One thing that got me, after Emily incepted me into telling her about the Norse world tree Yggdrasil, is that it has three roots supporting it, which lead to three wells/springs. And in Teen Wolf, there’s three characters who sacrifice themselves to what is, for all intents and purposes, a world tree. By drowning.

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If Surrealism is your cup of tea, you’ve got to check out the work of Christopher McKenney

The haunting portraits show a clear mastery of perspective and thoughtful editing. 

Surreal Photography At Its Finest

via Beautiful Decay

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